Good goal setting is all about keeping your goals front of mind. The more you refer back to your goals and measure your progress against those goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. Goal setting is a core part of the PeopleGoal platform.

You can link employee goals to team, department and company objectives. By doing so employees understand how they contribute to the overall business agenda.

How to set your personal goals?

The recording below shows how to set up a personal goal and how to align your personal goal with company and team/department objectives:

How to create goals for your direct reports?

The recording below show how to set up a goal for your direct reports.

How to access direct report goals?

Your can access your direct report goals from Goals >> Goals Overview >> Direct reports. You can also access your direct reports goals from your Dashboard.

How to create a team goal?

To create a team goal click on New team goal in the Goals module. When setting a team goal you have the option to assign the goal to someone else if you are not the team goal owner. Team goals can be aligned to Department and Company Objectives. The same process applies to Department goals.

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