This is a full list of the actions you can perform with PeopleGoal for Slack. No slash commands or complex code needed - just type in your action using the commands below.


  • New goal - create a new individual goal for yourself or for your direct report

  • List goals - list all individual goals for yourself

  • List goals for @user - list goals for the selected user. Normal permissions apply: employees can see only their own goals; managers can see their direct reports' goals; admins can see all users' goals

  • Comment on goal - add a comment to your or your direct report's individual goal. The user will receive a notification in Slack

  • Update status - select your goal status flag from the drop-down list


  • Give feedback or Provide feedback - select whether you want to provide quick text feedback in Slack or provide full feedback in PeopleGoal

  • Request feedback - request internal or external feedback from anyone

  • List feedback received - see all personal feedback you've received. Normal permissions apply: if feedback has been sent straight to your manager and is hidden from you, this feedback won't display to you in Slack until your manager releases it

  • List feedback provided - see all the feedback you've provided for other users

  • List feedback requested or List feedback pending - see all the feedback requested from you that you still need to provide. Click the feedback title to go through to PeopleGoal to complete this


  • Start review - Start your self assessment

  • My review - Show your current review and the review status

  • Show review for @user - Show review for a direct report

  • Send reminder - remind an employee or manager to complete their assessment


  • List reminders - see all of your upcoming Performance timeline deadlines

  • Mark as complete - mark your deadline as complete. This will switch off any future automated reminders for this deadline

  • Give recognition to @user - send a recognition badge to anyone in your PeopleGoal account

Want to see all of the commands in action? Check out our PeopleGoal for Slack video collection!

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