One to one Meeting module

Switch this off to disable the entire One to one module for everyone in your account. Switching off a module will not remove any data, so you can turn One to ones on and off at any time in your performance cycle.

Rename One to one meetings

You can rename this module anything you'd like! Call it 1:1s, meetings, or catch-ups.

Ratings on One to one meeting topics

This will allow initiators and counterparts to give ratings on each discussion point.

Select rating set

This determines which rating set is used for all one to one meetings. This can be your default account ratings or a custom set just for one to ones. You can define your custom rating sets in Rating definitions.

Enable goal based One to one meetings

Switch this on to have the option to create individual discussion points based on a user's active goals. Each individual goal will be added as a discussion point for both the initiator and counterpart to comment on and/or rate. Note that account-wide goal visibility settings kick in here, so if the initiator does not have permission to see the counterpart's individual goals, these will not be created as discussion points.

Manager initiated One to one meetings

Switch this on to allow only managers to be able to schedule one to one meetings. Employees will not be able to schedule a one to one at any time, and will need to wait to receive a meeting request from their manager.

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