PeopleGoal was founded in 2014 and our beta launched in early 2015. Since then we have grown to become a best-in-class performance management solution for businesses of many sizes. PeopleGoal now serves companies with 10 employees and above, all the way up to companies with 4000+ employees. To support this growth in our customer base and to cater for increasingly complex requests we have undertaken a project to redesign our application architecture from the ground up. 

In Q4 this year we plan to release PeopleGoal v2. The new release has many moving parts that need to work together to ensure success. We'll be revealing more details over the year and this post serves to update you on the headline changes only. 

PeopleGoal v2 Application Features

Our current web application primarily focuses on performance management complemented by some HRM/HRIS features. In the v2 application we will be expanding our features to include:

  • Goal setting: Using machine learning and natural language processing we will give indicators if a user has set the right goals 

  • Engagement surveys: Employee engagement is critical to a company's success. You will be able to measure how happy your employees are.

  • Custom workflows: You will be able to set up your own custom workflows and automate your decision-making process.

  • Employee onboarding: We will give you the tools help new hires adjust to your culture and to start their new jobs quickly and effectively.

  • Data analytics: You will be able to use your HR data to build reports and draw meaningful business conclusions.

  • Time management: From holiday management to absence management, you will be able to set up your own process to track and manage employees' time.

PeopleGoal v2 Application Architecture

The PeopleGoal v1 web application is a integrated Ruby on Rails app (v4.2.10). This means our front-end is tightly coupled with our back-end. Our v2 application architecture has has been adjusted as follows:

  • Brand new front-end website: using Next.js & React.js, a stand-alone front-end website launched in Q2 2019.

  • Back-end web application: Ruby-on-Rails v6.x (soon to be v6).

  • PostgreSQL v11: back-end database with continuous protection.

  • Open REST API: a RESTful API for interacting with all account-based data on PeopleGoal, fully documented and available to end-users via personal API keys.

  • Engines: we're launching new engines for building custom rules, permissions and flows of data to deliver best-in-class process optimization and RBAC.

  • React.js front-end: a modern component based front-end user interface almost entirely separated from the back-end web application.

  • Real time capabilities: using websockets and a separate REDIS database.

  • Integrated search capabilities: using the latest version of ElasticSearch.

  • SSO: we have partnered with Auth0 to deliver complex SSO/AD/SAML integrations for our Enterprise customers.

  • Multi-language support: we've redesigned the front-end to support internationalization from the ground-up.

  • Custom data import/export: import or export any and all data on PeopleGoal.

The release of v2 in 2019 will deliver the foundation for our product for the next 10 years. It's a complex migration that's been in the works for the last two years. Almost every part of our architecture is changing for the better. We're taking our time to perform this migration in a slow, tested and measured approach.

If you're interested in hearing more or opting into the Alpha for v2, then please reach out to customer support via Intercom or by email. Stay tuned for further details on our v2 launch in 2020!

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