When you get to the end of a performance period, you'll want a way to move the past year's goals out of the active view so that you can set and track new goals. We still want to make your old goal data visible to you whether you're a manager or an employee. To do this, you'll need to archive your goals.

Go to Dashboard and scroll down to your Direct reports area, then click the Goals tab. Click on a direct report's name to open their goal overview, then click the right arrow to expand the full goal details on each individual goal. In the bottom right corner of the goal details you'll see the option to "Archive goal". Click this and the goal will be moved to the employee's archive.

You'll find all of your individual goals under Goals > Goals overview. Head here and then follow the exact same steps above - click the right arrow to expand the goal details, then click "Archive goal" in the bottom right.

Where do I access my performance archive?

Note: your account admins may automatically archive all goals, feedback and data for you. If they haven't done so and you're not seeing the option to archive data yourself, you'll need to reach out to your HR team / account admins and remind them to do this.

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