Regular check-ins are a key part of continuous development and coaching. Relying on just the annual review to sit down with your employees means you'll miss crucial opportunities for development and engagement. Moving to more continuous feedback model helps to build trust and support, allows you to step in quickly where employees need help and makes sure that you know exactly where your team stands in the business.

To support this we're excited to roll out our new One to One Meetings module! We'll help you to design a process of structured but informal meetings to encourage continuous communication between team members. It's the perfect mid-way point between 360 feedback and annual reviews. As with all of our modules we've tried to keep this as flexible as possible to give you the chance to configure an effective performance management cycle unique to your business.

Some of the key features of the new module include:

Flexible discussion points - Create a template of discussion points as a consistent standard for everyone in the company, while allowing employees and managers to add additional topics as they need to.

Goal-based one to one questions - Automatically bring through the initiator's individual goals as discussion points for both parties.

Schedule a one to one with anyone - One to ones aren't limited to just employees and managers; you can schedule a meeting with any of your colleagues. This gives you the ability to capture meetings with mentors and feedback from other contributors, not just between you and your line manager.

Ready to get started?

Admins - we have full instructions to help you get up the module up and running.
Managers / employees - here's how to create a one to one and manage all of your meetings.
And for anyone looking for tips and best practices, take a look at our guide to running an effective one to one meeting.

We're sure adding one to ones to your performance cycle will have an amazing effect on employee engagement and on team communication. Let us know how it's going by sending a chat message to our Support team.

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