PeopleGoal profiles always need to be created by the account admins in order to allow only authorized users to access the company account. To get this access, admins need to send new users the invitation email from the Manage all users area of your PeopleGoal account.

Previously, if a user's profile was created in the company account but they were not sent the invitation email, they were able to sign in with the registered email address, create a password and start using their PeopleGoal profile. As part of our security upgrades we now require you to be sent the invitation email before you can access the account. This gives admins more control over when new users can join and add data, to facilitate staged rollouts to different teams and departments for instance.

This means for some users you may have started using PeopleGoal successfully but you were never sent your welcome email, and now you're seeing the "Account not authorized" message even though you already have data in the system. All that needs to happen is for your account admins to send you the invitation email to confirm that your access is authorized and you'll be able to continue using your account as normal. Once they click 'Notify new user' you will receive the email, but you can ignore the contents and sign in to PeopleGoal as you normally would.

Admins: to see how to send welcome emails to your users, head to our
Adding new users support article and scroll down to the 'Notifying new users' section.

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