PeopleGoal allows you to have multiple rating sets to give you flexibility across departments and teams, and for you to use different ratings for Feedback and Reviews.

However, within one form you can only have one consistent rating set. This is so that we properly calculate the average overall rating for the user and to allow you to generate live reports.

For example
We have two teams: Sales and Marketing.
The Sales team requires specific feedback related to their targets, and a 1-3 rating scale. Marketing requires feedback related to their project performance, and a rating of 1-5. You can create team-level feedback questions for each team and assign your Sales ratings to the Sales team, and Marketing ratings to the Marketing team. At the bottom of the form section click the rating set to change this, then Save to update.

Click here to learn more about how to add and define your rating sets.

Now we're setting up Review questions, and we want to review the Sales and Marketing department together. You'll create department-level review questions for Sales & Marketing. Within this form you can only have one set of ratings. This can be any of the rating sets you've already defined, or a new set just for the review. You won't be able to select different rating scales for each question within the form.

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