The Projects module is a great feature for managing cross-functional working, where you're collaborating outside of your team / department role. You might use this to run client consulting projects for instance, or for an internal working group. Project members set goals and raise feedback linked to their specific project, and provide updates just like their regular goals and feedback.

Creating a project

Only administrators can create new projects, but anyone can join a project once it's open. To create a new project:

  • Go to Projects > New project

  • Enter your Project name and description. Make it catchy!

  • Your projects need a start and end date to make sure you have clear timelines - select these from the drop-down fields.

  • Add a project code if you have one, and a client name if it's relevant. This could also be an internal "client", if it's a project for a specific team member.

  • You can add a unique logo to your project too. Click "Choose file" to upload your logo. The project logos are about the size of your profile image, so it's best to use an icon or image with not too much detail.

  • Click Create project. Now it's time to add your project members.

Joining a project

Admins can add project members when they create the project or leave the project open for the relevant employees to join when they need to. Every member has these key details:

  • Project role (for example: Analyst)

  • Project manager (this person is different to and does not override the employee's system manager)

  • Start and end date (so you can see if someone new is brought on to the project at a later date)

Projects are also open for anyone to join by going to Projects > All projects. Click 'Register' to join an open project, or 'Open' to see more project details.

Project goals

Project goals are just like normal goals - just linked to that specific project. You can provide status updates and keep track of your project specific goals through the 'Your projects' tab. Your project goals are also accessible through the 'Goals' menu, under your Goals overview. This way you're able to keep track of all goals in the same place in the Goals module, and access project-specific goals from the Projects module.

Project goal names and progress are visible to everyone when they view a project, but the full goal details follow the same visibility rules as the rest of your account (i.e. employees can see their own goals, managers can see their direct reports' goals, admins can see everything).

Create a new Project goal

There are two ways to create a new project goal. Just like you create your regular goals, click Goals > New individual goal. Once you're a member of a project you'll see the 'Align to a project' field, and you can select any of the projects you're supporting here.

The second way is to create the goal straight from the Projects module. Under Projects > Your projects select 'New personal project goal'. This will open up the new goal modal as shown above.

Keep project goals up to date

Update your project goals straight from your Goals overview like all of your other individual goals, or give quick updates on the project itself. Under the Latest update field, provide your text response and select a progress percentage from the drop-down list. 

Project feedback

Project feedback requests also work just like goals; but they are specific to the project you're working on. You can request project feedback from any internal or external provider as with normal feedback. 

Any project feedback will also be shown under your Feedback overview so you can track it both in the Feedback and the Projects module.

Project feedback given to you is only visible to you, your manager and the account admins. Nobody viewing the project can see any feedback provided for you.

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