Fast-growing teams using Slack already know it's the essential hub for communication and collaboration - key values of our PeopleGoal community. The PeopleGoal for Slack app brings your performance management tool right where you need it: in your Slack workspace. Set and update your goals, give and receive feedback, start your review, and manage your upcoming deadlines straight from Slack!

You'll need a PeopleGoal account to install the app. New to PeopleGoal? Sign up to get started.

PeopleGoal for Slack Installation Guide

You'll need to be an admin on your PeopleGoal account to install the app with four simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are an administrator on both your Slack workspace and on PeopleGoal. Our Adding an admin user article will explain how to make a user a PeopleGoal administrator.

  2. Log in to your PeopleGoal account and go to Configure > Account settings > Integration settings. Click Configure Slack integration.

  3.  Click Connect to Slack. Make sure you're logged into your Slack workspace. Then, under Actions, click Add to Slack and on the next screen, click Authorize. That's it - you're connected!

  4. Go to your Slack workspace and head to Apps in the bottom left. Click the + icon and you'll see PeopleGoal listed under 'In your workspace'. Click View to add to your visible app list and you're ready to go.

Slack Commands

The app works by simply typing in a text instruction - no slash commands or complex code needed. Our List of Slack commands article will show you all the actions you can complete using the PeopleGoal for Slack app.

Want to see all of the commands in action? Check out our PeopleGoal for Slack video collection!


Which notifications will I receive from PeopleGoal?
The PeopleGoal app will send you only relevant notifications that require your action. We'll never post these to any public channels or DM users on your behalf; notifications are sent only to you in the App messenger.

Will PeopleGoal notify my teammates of my actions?
We'll only notify your teammates if they have an action to complete. For example, if you request feedback from your colleague and they have the PeopleGoal for Slack app installed, they'll be notified in the App messenger that they've been asked to provide feedback for you. If they don't have PeopleGoal for Slack they will be notified as normal in PeopleGoal itself.

Does my PeopleGoal email address need to match my Slack email address?
Yes. Your email address is the unique identifier on PeopleGoal and you will need to use the same address for Slack to make sure your profile is properly linked.

Privacy Policy

PeopleGoal for Slack is bound by PeopleGoal's privacy party and Third-party websites policy. You can view the full Privacy Policy here.

Have any questions? Click the chat box in the bottom right to speak with the team directly. Tell us how you're using PeopleGoal for Slack and if you have any suggestions - we'll be developing the app further and would love to hear from you!

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