One of the biggest benefits of PeopleGoal is being able to bring all of your performance data together so that you can have all the information to hand when completing your reviews. You've always been able to view an individual's goal progress straight from the Review form, and now you can automatically import the user's active goals into the Review as individual questions.

Activating Goal based review questions

  • Account admins go to Configure > Account settings > Goal settings.

  • Switch on 'Goal based review questions', then click 'Update business details' to save.

Adding Goal based review questions

  • Account admins go to Reviews > Review questions to update your Review template.

  • Click 'Add individual goal assessment' and you'll see the field created with placeholder text. This placeholder is where each individual goal will be added as a standalone question in the review.

  • Drag and drop the Goal assessment text to the point of the review you want the goals to be assessed. You can also add a group heading if you want to.

  • Just like your other Review questions, the Goal based assessment questions can be customised to require text responses and/or ratings, and you can select whether to include these in the self assessment, include in the manager's assessment or to be always hidden from the employee.

What do the Goal based review questions look like in the review?

  • Every active individual goal is brought in as a standalone review question. The goal title is bolded as the question text, and the goal description is shown as supporting detail.

  • You can also click the user's Goal details on the right-hand side to see more details like the average progress.

  • Click the goal title here to see the full goal view including all comments, attachments and status updates.


Which goals are automatically loaded as review questions?
The employee's active individual goals are each brought in as a review question - this means any individual goal that the employee has open in the Goals module regardless of the goal status. Archived goals are not included.

We have manager approval on goals - are unapproved goals also included?
Yes, goals are included regardless of their approval status.

I've added a new goal after I started my self-assessment - will this be included?
No, only the active goals that you have in place at the time you save your first self-assessment draft will be included. This is just like any change made to the account settings: the review form always captures the questions and settings you have in place at the time the review is started. If you add a goal while the review is in progress and you want to assess this goal, you will need to archive your self-assessment and start a new review.

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