In keeping with the flexibility of the Reviews module, we wanted to give administrators the ability to have more oversight on the final review submission, so we've created an optional extra validation step.

While some businesses like that managers can have the overall responsibility for a review, with others we know that your HR team/admins want to be able to weigh in. Whether that's adjusting ratings to standardize these across the business, adding admin-only discussion comments or whether you're just wanting to acknowledge that the review has been completed, you can do it all with the admin validation step.

What will the new review process look like?

  • Step one: Employees complete their self-assessment and submit this to their manager.

  • Step two: Managers complete the manager's assessment and submit this to the account admins. All admin users are notified that the review is ready for validation.

  • Step three: Any account admin can make edits, add comments and lastly click to validate the review. The full review is then automatically sent back to the manager for their electronic signature. No further edits can be made by the manager at this point.

  • Step four: The manager clicks to sign the review and this is automatically sent to the employee for their electronic signature.

  • Step five: The employee signs the final review. Their review is now complete.

Switch on admin validation on reviews

  • Account admins go to Configure > Account settings > Review settings

  • Switch on 'Admin validation step'

  • Click 'Update business details' to save

How are admins notified that a review needs validation?

  • When the manager submits the review, an automatic notification goes to all account admins in PeopleGoal and by email

  • Click the link in the notification to access the review directly and add your validation

  • You can also find reviews needing validation from Reviews > All colleagues

  • Where a review status says 'Admin validation required', click 'Edit review (admins)' to open the Master Edit screen

Validating the review

  • Admins validate reviews from the Master Edit screen, where all changes made are automatically saved. Keep this in mind if you make any changes to the manager's responses!

  • You can click to edit any text responses and any ratings given. You might want to do this to standardise ratings given across the account, e.g. where one manager generally rates all of their employees higher or lower than the standard.

  • Add discussion text if needed, and indicate where you have made changes. This section is visible to admins only, and will never be seen by the manager or the employee - even when you export the completed review.

  • In the Review validated by admins section, click the 'No' button to change this to yes. Click the blue tick to save this. As everything here is auto-saved, that's it - you're done! Clicking the blue tick will automatically send the review back to the manager for their signature.

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