Account administrators can change the Review status at any point in the review process.

Go to Reviews > Reviews overview > All colleagues and click 'Edit review (admin)'.

In the Review status section at the top of the review form, click the drop-down list to change the review status. Changes here are automatically saved.

What do the Review statuses mean?

  • Draft self assessment: the employee can make changes to their self-assessment and resubmit this to the manager

  • Self assessment complete: the employee can't make any edits. The manager can edit their manager's assessment and submit this to the employee when complete

  • Manager assessment complete: no further edits can be made. The review can be sent back to the employee to capture their final electronic signature

  • Final acknowledgment complete: the review is complete and signed by both manager and employee

Please note!
If you change the review status back to 'Draft self assessment' once the reviewing manager has already started drafting their manager's assessment, when the employee finishes their edits and submits the review back to the manager the original draft manager's assessment will not be saved. Please advise the reviewing manager to keep a copy of their draft before you change the status back to allow employees to edit their self-assessment.

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