The easiest way to add users to teams is when you create their profiles under Configure > Manage users > Add new users (go to How do I add users to PeopleGoal to see how this is done).

If your users are already in the system you can make an individual change or a bulk update to place users into teams. Make sure that your Company structure is all set up before you start - you can use our Company structure article to see how to add your departments and teams.

Updating an individual or your own team

You can do this from the employee's (or your own) Profile.
Go to Company > Staff directory, click on the employee's username and click Edit profile. Or, to make a change for yourself, just click Profile > Edit profile.

In the 'Role details' section, click the drop-down list to select your team. Then click 'Update role details' to save.

Updating multiple users' teams at once

You can make a bulk update using the User Import Template.
First, download your Staff directory from Company > Staff directory > Export to Excel.

Then go to Configure > Manage users > Add new users and open the 'Import Users' section, where you can download the User Import Template. It's the same template you used to add your users to the account, and it's what you'll use to make your bulk updates.

Take the relevant fields from your Staff directory export and copy these over to the User Import Template. You can make any updates you need here - changing usernames, managers or their teams. Make sure when entering team names that they match exactly the team names you have created under Company structure, so the system can recognise them correctly.

When you're done, click 'Choose file' to upload your template, then 'Import users' to run the update.

What happens if I get an error when uploading the User Import Template?

Take a look at our Troubleshooting article for help here, or email your template to [email protected] and we'll help you out!

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