PeopleGoal has two system levels - employee and administrator. This gives you three levels of access - employee, manager (an employee who has direct reports) and admin.

Employees can see only their own data and anything that has been made visible to all users on your account. Employees can see only their own individual goals as well as team and department goals for their own team and department. They cannot see other individual goals or team/department goals in other departments. Employees aren't able to see feedback, reviews, development plans or any other performance data for other individuals.

This employee goal overview shows only the employee's goals in progress.

Managers can see their own data as well as a full view of everyone who reports in to them. The manager role is automatically assigned as soon as this person is listed as a manager for any other user - you don't need to manually assign a manager's role to anyone when setting up your users. Managers can see their employees' data on the Direct reports tab on all of the module overviews as well as in the Direct reports area on their Dashboard.

This manager has a view of all of the feedback for their team of direct reports.

Senior managers have access to what we call Line of sight. This gives them a manager's view of not only the employees who report directly to them, but to everyone who reports to those employees as well. You can see the Line of sight on the Full org chart in the Company module.

Administrators can view and edit data for all users in the system, and are responsible for the Account settings, managing users and controlling the performance management cycle. On each module administrators have the All colleagues tab to keep track of the full company performance, and can drill down into anyone's profile to see more details. There is no limit to the number of admin users you can have in your PeopleGoal account, but because of the access to sensitive information we'd recommend you grant admin access only to those users who need to run your performance management process.

Our example admin has the All colleagues tab to see goals for all users.

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