The email address is the unique identifier on PeopleGoal, so users can only register an email to one account. As an admin, when you're adding new users to your account you may receive an "Email address already in use" error.

Check your deleted users

You can check whether the email is already registered to your account by checking your deleted users.

  • Go to Configure > Manage users > Manage all users and click 'Show deleted users'.

  • Click 'Filter by team member' and search for the user's name

  • If they are deleted on your account, click the + icon to restore their profile

  • You can then click their name to access their profile and make updates to their full name, manager and team

  • If it's been a long time since this user logged in, they might need to reset their password

The profile isn't in my list of deleted users

Sometimes employees have created a PeopleGoal business account in error and their email address is still registered to this account. Please send us the user's email address on Intercom or email [email protected]. Our team will check the database and follow up with you to get the user on your account.

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