PeopleGoal's org chart is automatically populated based on the managerial reporting lines. Every time you set a manager for an employee, this automatically updates the org chart to reflect the manager's new direct report. The most senior employees are displayed on the left, with direct reports cascading down to the right.

Users who don't have a manager set in the system are shown on their own row as the system recognises them as being the most "senior" level, i.e. they don't report in to anyone.

This means that you can accidentally create a "seniority loop", where every employee in the account has a manager listed, resulting in no one employee being the most senior user into which every other user reports. For example, your CEO Jane Doe is the manager of your CFO John Deer, but you've also listed John Deer as Jane's manager. To correct this, you'll need to remove the manager for one user in the account. In this case we'll remove Jane's manager and leave the field blank. This will restore the org chart to its correct function.

You can still create a Review for Jane, and select John to be the reviewing manager. Head over to our 'Change a reviewing manager' article to see how to do this.

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