Your company structure can be captured in PeopleGoal on two layers - departments and teams. You can rename these layers anything you'd like (take a look at our article for help to do this).

Departments are the upper level, and teams the lower level that report into your departments. This is especially relevant when everyone sets their goals, as team members can align their individual goals to their team's goals, as well as to the department goals their team reports into. These can all also be aligned to Company objectives. Feedback and Review questions can also be created at the department and team level, so it's a powerful way to group your employees in a way that works best for your business.

It's important to get your company structure in place before you start adding users to your account, so that you can assign them to their teams at the same time that you set up their profile. Adding a user to a team will automatically place them in the relevant department as well, so you will only ever update details on the team level.
Don't worry if you've already added your users though - you can always go to an employee's profile to update their team, or do a bulk update to assign everyone to a team.

Adding teams/departments

Click 'Edit company structure' to go to your team and department setup. Click 'Add a department' or 'Add a team' to start building your company structure. Departments are automatically arranged in alphabetical order, and the teams below each department are listed in the order you create them.

How can I see who is in my team?

Click 'Show users' to view all team members. You can click on the username to go straight to their profile and update their team, which will automatically update the department they report into as well.

Removing teams/departments

To delete a department or team, click the trash icon on the far right. Make sure that you have reassigned any team or department goals before you do so, as these goals are deleted at the same time. If any employees are still in the team you want to delete, click their username to access their profile and move them to another team.

Changing teams/departments

Simply click the team/department name to change this and click out to auto-save. If you want to move your teams into different departments you'll need to add a new team to the department following the steps above. Reassign all of your team members and associated team goals to the new team, then delete the old team.

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