PeopleGoal's Dashboard shows a summary of all of your performance progress. Right as you log in you'll see your active Goals, Feedback requests in progress and the Reviews and Development plans you've completed.

Recent news

This section shows articles published by your colleagues. You can access any links or attachments they've added in the grey bar under their article. By default we'll show the three most recent articles, and you can click All news to access earlier posts.

Performance timeline

This is where you'll see all of your upcoming deadlines and performance management tasks. We'll also display these in the Timeline module.

Direct reports

As a manager on PeopleGoal, you'll be able to see all of your direct reports' progress straight from the Dashboard. Click the tabs to navigate through the modules and to go straight to the user's profile to add your comments.


Senior managers can also view of all the performance data for those employees who report into their Direct reports. You'll find this under the Line-of-sight tab in the Direct reports area.

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