Engage your employees with recognition, rewards, surveys and news. Boost performance with goal setting, one-to-ones and instant feedback. We offer a configurable and flexible platform that can be used to translate any offline performance management practice to a largely automated online process.

Configure our platform

PeopleGoal is a modular, customizable platform that allows you to build your own performance management process, rather than be stuck with a strict formula to track goals, feedback and reviews. We offer general best practice options like SMART goals, OKRs, KPIs and more, for companies wanting to kickstart a new system or bring their current processes up to date.

Optimize your performance process

Take away the administrative headache - PeopleGoal intuitively links all areas of the performance management cycle online, in one place. Goals, Feedback, Reviews and more are tracked together and all feed into comprehensive reporting data. This allows your team to quickly see as broad or as detailed a picture of the company's performance as you need it, and to make actionable changes.

Cloud-based, self-service system

Our cloud-based service and modular setup means that any updates you need to make are quick and easy to implement, and are instantly rolled out to all users. Your administrators have control of all of your account settings so that you can be quick on your feet and keep processes in line with your company culture.

Best-in-class customer service

Our friendly support team is quick to respond and ready to help. Even with our simple implementation, we know that onboarding your business can be the toughest part of starting a new service, and we're here to answer any little question that springs up. Once you're up and running we're always available for a check-in or just to hear your feedback.

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