Reviews module

Switch this off to disable the entire Reviews module for everyone in your account. Switching off a module will not remove any data, so you can turn Reviews on and off at any time in your performance cycle.

Cumulative review questions

Use this setting to create questions that apply to everyone in the business, or are specific to departments, teams and even individuals.
When switched on, this setting allows stacks your questions on top of each other to create a unique form for each user's profile, i.e. business + department + team + individual level questions combine to form the full Review questions list.
When switched off, only the most specific level of questions will be displayed to the user, e.g. if you have added business level questions as well as questions for one department, users in that department will only see the department level questions, and everyone else in the account will only see the business level questions.

Role based review questions

This will allow you to set review questions based on roles, rather than at the business, department and team level. This is especially useful if you have very defined role requirements in your business, e.g. Account Executive, Consultant, Director.

Use system roles

This will allow you to set role based questions for PeopleGoal's employee and manager system roles. Switch this off to use your own pre-defined set of custom roles which you can configure under Company structure.

Goal based review questions

Switch this on to have the option to create individual review questions based on a user's active goals. This creates a new question option under 'Reviews > Review questions' called 'Add individual goal assessment'. Including this in your review form will create a review question for each active individual goal that the employee has in the Goals module.

Admin validation step

Switch this on to include an additional admin validation step in the review process. Instead of the manager submitting the review back to the employee for signature, the review will be sent to all of the account admins to approve the full review. Admins will see the Master Edit view where they can make changes to the assessment and ratings, and add comments visible to admins only. When validated, the review is sent back to the manager to sign.

Allow attachments on reviews

This will allow employees and managers to attach supporting files to the review form.

Review ratings

Ratings on review questions

This enables you to use ratings on individual review questions, for both self-assessments and manager assessments

Allow N/A ratings on reviews

This gives employees and managers the ability to select N/A rather than a rating for an individual review question, where that question may not be applicable.

Overall review rating

This will allow managers to select one final, overall rating for the review. This will be independent of the individual review question ratings, though you can click to calculate a suggested final rating based on an average of all question ratings.

Select overall review rating set

This allows you to select a rating set for the final review rating that can be different from the individual question ratings.

Auto-calculate overall review rating

This will auto-calculate the final review rating for the manager's assessment, taking into account only the ratings given by the manager, not the employee. Managers won't be able to select a rating to override this, and the final rating will be rounded up or down to be in line with your overall rating set.

Second dimension on review ratings

In addition to your question ratings you can have a second dimension rating which we call Potential or Stretch. It allows you to rate an employee's actual performance against a review question as well as the future potential they have in this category. You'll need this setting switched on if you want to use the 'Review grid' report in the Reports module. 

Select second dimension

Choose if you'd like to name your second dimension 'Potential' or 'Stretch'. Note that these two rating sets are based on a 1-5 scale, so your other rating set should ideally also be a 1-5 scale for consistency.

Second dimension overall rating

Switch this on to include a second overall rating that gives an overall score for either Potential or Stretch.

Weighted review questions

This enables individual review questions to be weighted differently. The final calculated review rating will then take into account the weighted average of each individual review question. Note your weightings need to add up to 100% for the review form as a whole or the system will default to a standard average calculation. If you're using Cumulative review questions, each section of the review (Business level, department/team level, individual level) needs to add up to 100%.

Review visibility

Employees can see their review ratings

Switching this off will make an employee's final rating invisible to them across PeopleGoal, including when they export a review to PDF or Excel.

Hide review questions

By default, the Review questions menu is visible to all users in your account but only editable by admins. If you'd like to hide the questions list from employees and managers, switch this setting on.

Employee and Manager input

Allow optional comment responses

If this is switched off, all text responses will be required for all questions.

Closing a review cycle

Allow users to archive reviews

Archiving reviews will take them out of the 'active' view, and you'd generally do this at the end of a performance cycle. It allows everyone to access past feedback without cluttering up their active Reviews overview, and so that you don't need to delete any historical data. By default admins can archive reviews for anyone in the company, or switch this setting on to allow users the ability to archive their own review at any time.

Manually archive all reviews

This will archive all reviews to close off your performance management period. Every review will be archived regardless of whether it is complete or not. Doing this will allow a new self-assessment to be started by the employee. All archived reviews are displayed in the Reviews overview for easy access by employees and managers.

Remember to click 'Update business details' to save your new settings.

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