Rename 'department'
Departments are the upper level of your company structure, and you can add teams to report into these departments. You don't need to use our terminology - you can rename departments to anything you'd like. Use the singular form when entering your new name, i.e. department, not departments.

Rename 'team'
Teams are the lower level of your company structure, and they report into departments. As for departments, you can rename teams to anything you'd like.

Add teams/departments
Click 'Edit company structure' to go to your team and department setup. Click 'Add a department' or 'Add a team' to start building your company structure. Departments and teams can't be reordered once you've created them, so make sure you're adding items in the order you want to view them going forward.

Use custom roles
You can create your own custom set of user roles on PeopleGoal if you decide to use role-based Reviews. This is especially useful if you have very defined role requirements in your business, e.g. Account Executive, Consultant, Director. Click 'Edit custom roles' to add your custom Role titles, and make sure that you select one Default role. This ensures that when you add a new user they will have a role, even if you forget to define this when creating their profile.

We have more details on how to set up your Company structure in our Dashboard, Timeline and Company modules section of the Help Centre.

Remember to click 'Update business details' to save your changes.

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