Edit rating definitions

PeopleGoal allows you to create your own custom rating sets for Feedback and Reviews, and you can have as many as you like! Rating sets can be assigned to teams and departments for Feedback and Reviews, under the 'Feedback questions' and 'Review questions' sections. Click to add your new rating sets, or use our standard 1-5 scale to get started. Each rating will have a definition and an explanation to help your users understand the rating scale.

How do I add a new rating set?

Click 'Add a rating set' in the top left. Rename your rating set, for example 'Review ratings'. You can then input your rating Definition and Explanation.
Click the trash icon to remove a rating level, or '+ New level' to add more rating levels to your set.

How do I define which rating set is used for my questions?

Under Feedback questions / Review questions you'll find the rating set in place at the bottom of each form section (where you click to add questions and group headings). Click the rating set to select a different group, then click 'Save' to update.

N/A Ratings

Note that you should not include an N/A option when customizing your rating definitions as each rating here needs a numerical value. You can switch on the option to allow N/A ratings on your Feedback settings and Review settings if you want to include this.

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