Feedback module

Switch this off to disable the entire Feedback module for everyone in your account. Switching off a module will not remove any data, so you can turn Feedback on and off at any time in your performance cycle.

Cumulative feedback questions

Use this setting to create questions that apply to everyone in the business, or are specific to departments, teams and even individuals.
When switched on, this setting allows stacks your questions on top of each other to create a unique form for each user's profile, i.e. business + department + team + individual level questions combine to form the full Feedback questions list.
When switched off, only the most specific level of questions will be displayed to the user, e.g. if you have added business level questions as well as questions for one department, users in that department will only see the department level questions, and everyone else in the account will only see the business level questions.

Due dates on feedback requests

This allows the feedback requestor to select a due date by which the feedback should be completed. They can also send reminder notifications directly from their Feedback overview.

Collect feedback responses by email

When a feedback request is sent out, the feedback provider is notified by email. You can allow for them to provide their feedback as an emailed reply, directly from their inbox! They'll receive instructions on how to do this in the notification email, and their text replies will be stored in the feedback recipient's PeopleGoal profile just like any other feedback request. Note that if you allow for email responses, no ratings are able to be provided.

External feedback

This gives all users the ability to request feedback from anyone outside the company - all they'll need to add is a name and email address. The feedback provider won't need to sign up for a PeopleGoal account or log in at all, they'll receive a unique link to the feedback form which is then parsed through your account settings exactly as if that feedback provider was an account user. This is a great option for gathering feedback from your clients, temp workers or contractors!

Add a custom comment to internal feedback requests

All feedback requests are sent out via an email notification. You can add a custom comment/message to all internal feedback requests here.

Add a custom comment to external feedback requests

All feedback requests are sent out via an email notification. You can add a custom comment/message to all external feedback requests here. This can help clarify for your clients or any external parties which business is requesting feedback and why.

Goal based feedback questions

Switch this on to have the option to create individual feedback questions based on a user's active goals. This creates a new question option under 'Feedback > Feedback questions' called 'Add individual goal assessment'. Including this in your feedback form will create a feedback question for each active individual goal that the feedback provider will need to comment on and/or rate according to your other feedback settings. Note that goal visibility still applies, so if the feedback provider does not have permission to view the individual's goals they will not be able to see or give feedback for these questions. This setting works best when you have "Full goal visibility" switched on in your Goal settings, so that all users can see all individual goals in the account.

Enable full feedback visibility

This makes all feedback visible to all users in your account. When switched on, all users will have access to the "All colleagues" tab on the Feedback overview, which will allow them to see feedback received and pending for everyone in your account.

Feedback ratings

Ratings on feedback questions

Switch this on to include ratings in your feedback questions, or off to have only text responses.

Overall rating on feedback

In addition to ratings on individual questions, you can have one overall rating for your feedback report. If you switch this setting on, an average of all the individual scores will be calculated, which the feedback provider can then use as a guide when selecting their overall rating. If this setting is off, the system will calculate the average overall rating and display this on your Feedback overview.

Select overall rating set

Your overall rating set can be different from the ratings required for individual questions. Select 'Default' if you'd like the ratings to be the same, or select another rating set from the drop-down list.

Autocalculate final rating

If this is switched on, the final rating will be automatically calculated and feedback providers will not be able to select an overall feedback score to override this.

Allow N/A ratings on feedback

This allows feedback providers to select N/A as a rating for any of their feedback responses. N/A ratings will not be included in the overall average rating calculation.

Only use ratings

This will disable open end text format in feedback and allow only for ratings to be captured.

Second dimension on feedback ratings

All feedback reports allow for ratings to be given on each feedback question. In addition to this, you can have a second dimension rating which we call Potential or Stretch. It allows you to rate an employee's actual performance against a feedback question, as well as the future potential they have in this category. You'll need this setting switched on if you want to use the 'Feedback grid' report in the Reports module. 

Select second dimension

Choose if you'd like to name your second dimension 'Potential' or 'Stretch'. Note that these two rating sets are based on a 1-5 scale, so your other rating set should ideally also be a 1-5 scale for consistency.

Second dimension overall rating

Switch this on to include a second overall rating that gives an overall score for either Potential or Stretch.

Weighted feedback questions

You can weight  your rated feedback questions differently, to allow for the score on some questions to count more than others. Switch this setting on, then go to Feedback > Feedback questions to add your weightings to the individual questions. Note your weightings need to add up to 100% for the feedback form as a whole or the system will default to a standard average calculation.

Additional feedback questions

Additional feedback questions

In addition to the questions you create under Feedback > Feedback questions, the feedback form has two 'General' questions for open-ended text responses. You can switch these on or off here.

Rename positive feedback element

"Where did the individual perform well?" is the standard question shown for this additional feedback element. You can add any text question here.

Rename negative feedback element

"What are the areas of growth for the individual?" is the standard question shown for this additional feedback element. You can add any text question here.

Feedback visibility

Optional anonymous feedback

This gives users the option to give feedback anonymously if they want to, or to show their name on the feedback provided. Note that anonymous feedback is truly anonymous - even to us!

Required anonymous feedback

This makes anonymous feedback required from all feedback providers. Nobody will have the option to provide named feedback at any time. You should switch on both anonymous feedback settings to enable this.

Optional route feedback to manager

Switch this on to allow feedback to be sent directly to a user's manager, without notifying the employee that someone has provided feedback about them. The manager or an account admin can then choose to release the feedback to the employee at any time, or to keep it private. Enabling this setting will give feedback providers the option to bypass the employee, or choose to send it straight to the recipient as normal.

Required route feedback to manager

Switch this on to send all feedback to the manager by default. Nobody will have the option to send feedback directly to an employee; all feedback will go straight to users' managers who can then choose to release it to the employee or to keep it private.

Feedback visible to employees only

Switch this on to make feedback received visible only to the employee who received it. Employees' managers will not be able to see their feedback received, and the Direct reports tab in the Feedback overview will be disabled for managers. Admins will still be able to see all feedback for the account.

Hide feedback questions

By default, the Feedback questions menu is visible to all users in your account but only editable by admins. If you'd like to hide the questions list from employees and managers, switch this setting on.

Employee and Manager input

Self feedback

This will allow users to request feedback from and provide feedback about themselves, in the same way that feedback requests are sent to other colleagues.

Self assessments on feedback

When requesting feedback, individuals can provide a short self-assessment where they'll select a score and provide a brief text overview of their performance. This is then shown to the feedback provider and captured on the feedback report.

Only allow managers to raise feedback

This will allow only managers to request feedback for their direct reports. Individuals will not be able to request feedback for themselves.

Feedback limits

Minimum/maximum feedback requests

Use this to add limits on how many feedback reports can be collected for an employee. If a user hasn't requested the minimum number of feedback reports you've specified, they'll be shown a warning message on the Feedback overview until they've done so. Once they reach the maximum limit, no more feedback requests can be created for this user, by themselves or by their manager/admins.

Maximum feedback requests received

This will limit the number of feedback requests a feedback provider can receive. Once they hit the limit, no one else can ask them to provide feedback about any other user.

Closing a feedback cycle

Allow users to archive feedback

Archiving feedback will take it out of the 'active' view, and you'd generally do this at the end of a performance cycle. It allows everyone to access past feedback without cluttering up their active Feedback overview, and so that you don't need to delete any historical data. By default admins can archive feedback for anyone in the company, or switch this setting on to allow users the ability to archive their own feedback at any time.

Manually archive all feedback

In order to open a new performance cycle, you'll want to clear out all of the feedback reports from your past timeline. Of course, we still want this to be accessible to all users, so we allow you to archive these. This allows you to set any length of time for managing feedback, whether you want to do this monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. We also keep archiving separate per module so that you can run different timelines for different modules. Click 'Archive all feedback' to move all feedback to the Archive, whether it's received or pending.

Remember to click 'Update business details' to save your new settings.

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