Use the on/off switch to disable the Dashboard entirely for all users. If you do so, we'd recommend you route your logins to the Timeline under Timeline settings, so your employees can see all of their upcoming deadlines and quickly access their Goals, Feedback and Reviews.

News widget

Anyone can post News items on the Dashboard. These are articles that are published to everyone in the account, and can include links, images and attachments. If you'd prefer not to add any News, switch this widget off.

Only allow admins to post news

Switching this on will allow only account administrators to post News items on the Dashboard. News will still be published to everyone in your account.

Performance timeline (deadlines)

The Performance timeline is where administrators create custom deadlines for your account. You can learn more about these in the Dashboard, Timeline and Company modules section, or you can switch them off entirely and just use the in-built PeopleGoal reminders for each module.

Rename 'performance timeline'

Rename the performance timeline to another descriptor - Deadlines, Targets, Reminders; anything you'd like! Make sure to use the singular form, i.e. Performance timeline not Performance timelines.

Manage timeline items

Click 'Timeline administration' to open the admin view of all upcoming Performance timeline items, where you can edit and delete existing items. As an admin user, you can also access this menu straight from the Performance timeline section on the Dashboard.

Click 'Update business details' to save your changes.

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