Switch this off to disable the Timeline module for all users. You'll still be able to set Performance timeline items for everyone in the account and include email reminders, they just won't appear together in one place. You'll also be disabling the 'Recognize' badge function.

Route logins to timeline

Switching this on will route all users to the Timeline when they log in, rather than the Dashboard.

Sentiment reporting

The sentiment report is a simple check-in that asks a user 'How are you feeling today?', to which they can select one of three responses. It will pop up the first time a user clicks on the Timeline module for the day, and appears just once. You can view all sentiment data in the Reports module, or switch it off if you'd rather not use this report.

Edit deadlines

The Performance timeline is where administrators create custom deadlines for your account. You can learn more about these in the Dashboard, Timeline and Company modules section, and click to edit performance timeline deadlines here.

Edit recognition badges

Part of the Timeline module is the 'Recognize' feature, where all employees can give badges to their colleagues and include a short message which is published to everyone's Timeline. We have a selection of great badges to get you started, or you can create your own! Click here to edit badges is where you can manage your full badge library.

Click 'Update business details' to save your changes.

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