As part of our data security, only account admins can add users to your account - no one can join the account on their own. You can add individual profiles, or if you're just getting started, add everyone at once using our Import template.

For both options, go to Configure > Manage users > Add new users to get started.

Adding an individual user

Enter your new employee's first name, last name and email address. The email address is the primary identifier for your user profile, so it needs to be unique to PeopleGoal so that we can make sure they're not registered to any other account. (See our article if you're getting an "Email address is already in use" error).

Select your new user's manager and team from the drop-down lists. As part of the implementation process we recommend you have your departments and teams set up before you start adding users, and to create manager profiles before you add your other employees. Check out our Company structure article for more details on adding departments and teams.

Click 'Create profile' and you're done! New users are not notified that you have created a profile for them until you're ready to invite them to join your account. We'll let you know how to do that in the next steps.

Adding multiple users at once

You can mass-import users into PeopleGoal by uploading an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx format) or a CSV file. You'll find the User Import Template under the Configure > Manage users > Add new users section.

On the template, users should be sorted according to hierarchy, with managers and top-level execs appearing first (so that those users are created first, and then can be assigned as managers for other employees).

Required fields

  • First Name:  Employee's first name

  • Last Name:  Employee's last name

  • Email:  Employee email address - must be unique (case sensitive) 

Optional (but recommended) fields

  • Manager Email:  Manager's email address - manager must exist in PeopleGoal or be placed above the employee in the upload file (case sensitive)

  • Team Name:  Team to which the employee should be assigned

  • Role Title:  Job/Role title of the employee

  • Admin Rights:  Yes/No - should the user have administrator privileges

When you're ready to upload, click 'Choose file', then 'Import users'. This can take a few seconds to process, then you're ready to go! New users are not notified that you have created a profile for them until you're ready to invite them to join your account. If you're encountering an upload error, take a look at our Troubleshooting article for what to do.

Notifying new users

When you're ready to roll out your PeopleGoal account, go to Configure > Manage users > Add new users and scroll down to the 'New employees waiting to be notified' area. To join your account, employees must be sent the welcome email from an account admin. You can either click to notify only specific individuals, or click 'Notify all new users by email' to send the welcome email to all of your new employees.

What's in the welcome email?
Our welcome email lets your employee know that you have created a PeopleGoal account for them. It contains an access link that they must follow to create their password, activate their profile and enter your account.

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