If you haven't set a user's manager when you first added them to the system, or if you need to change their manager, you can do so individually or make updates in bulk.

Individual Changes

Go to Company > Staff directory to find the profile you want to update. Click the username, then click 'Edit profile'. You can select their manager from the drop-down list, then click 'Update role details' to save.

Allow employees to set their own manager

If you have enabled the option in your account settings, employees can select their own manager by clicking on 'Profile' in the left-hand menu or 'Your profile' in the right-hand drop-down menu. To enable or disable this ability head to 'Configure > Account settings > Profile settings'.

Make bulk changes

You can use the User Import Template to make updates to multiple users at once. The process for mass updating user details is the same as adding multiple users to your PeopleGoal account. Head to the 'Adding multiple users at once' section of the article to see how to manage the template upload.

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