Once an employee has completed their self-evaluation you will be notified to assess the employee. You cannot complete a manager's assessment until the employee has submitted their self-assessment. Follow the link in the notification or go to your PeopleGoal account and look at the Dashboard. Scroll down to the Direct reports area and click the Reviews tab. Employees who have completed their self-assessment will have the status "Manager assessment required". Click to open their review, or click the send a reminder email to any employee who has not yet started.

In the employee's review you will be able to see the self-assessment and other performance data on the right-hand side. The manager's draft assessment is on the left. Here you'll fill out your comments and ratings - anything in red is required and anything grey is optional. You can save the assessment and come back to it at any time from the Reviews > Direct reports tab, or the Direct reports tab on your Dashboard.

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