The Goals overview screen allows you to manage your goals. You can filter goals according to their status:

  • Green: goals that are marked as 100% complete

  • Blue: goals that are approved and in progress

  • Amber: goals that are in progress but not yet approved

  • Red: goals that have been rejected by your manager

You can toggle the amount of detail on each goal by clicking on the goal itself. In the footer you can provide a written update on your goal progress, and select the percentage complete (progress) for that goal. You can also add custom status tags (e.g. 'performing to plan') which can be selected by users.

Providing regular updates on your goal progress is a great way to keep track of your progress, and to update your manager on your achievements. Management should keep a regular eye on progress against goals and if you keep yours up-to-date you have a better chance of standing out against the crowd.

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