Company objectives are top-level strategic goals for your company for this period. Typically there are three or more of these (but rarely more than eight). These are the high-level objectives that your company wants the whole firm to work towards. For example, a company objective may be 'Boost sales revenue by 20% in FY2020' or 'Improve customer average feedback score to 4.5'.

Company objectives should be set by senior management once per performance period (these will automatically be replicated when you open a new period on PeopleGoal). You can access company objectives through the sidebar:

The company objectives screen gives you an overview of each of the company objectives, as well as showing which of your team members contribute to each of the company objectives. Company objectives can have sub-objectives and even specific KPIs to measure. Administrators can update these KPIs and individuals can contribute/align their own goals to them.

New company objectives are easy to create; but only administrators can create these. Each objective should have a short description, long description and due date.

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