Setting a goal is simple and easy with PeopleGoal. The default way is through the sidebar:

All goals require a short description, long description and a due date. You can also refine your goal by setting SMART attributes.

  • What is specific about your goal?

  • How will it be measured?

  • Is your goal achievable?

  • Is it relevant to your job?

  • When will you achieve it?

You can also choose to set OKRs in PeopleGoal. These can be configured under 'Account Settings > Goal Settings'.

It's best practice to align your personal goals to your company objectives. By doing this you will understand how your goal contributes to the overall agenda of the company and ensure that you are pulling in the right direction. You can align your new personal goal to one or more company objectives by simply selecting the objective(s) at the bottom of the new goal screen:

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