PeopleGoal allows you to create your own performance management timeline to suit your company's business cycle. So that we can give you as flexible a timeline as possible, you're able to set custom Performance timeline deadlines with email notifications and reminders to keep everyone on track.

The Performance timeline section of the Dashboard is where these deadlines will sit for all users. Admins create the deadlines for everyone in the account, and can create these for the whole company, for specific departments and teams, and even for individuals! This allows you complete flexibility to manage your Goals, Feedback and Reviews in a way that suits each business unit.

To create a new Performance timeline item, click the cog icon and select the type of item you'd like to add. 

A modal will pop up where you can enter the deadline details. You can add up to three reminder emails for each deadline which be automatically sent on the days you specify. Once a user has marked their deadline as complete, they'll no longer receive reminder emails.

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