We are excited to announce that PeopleGoal integrates with Microsoft Active Directory. Employee data stored in Microsoft Active Directory will act as the primary source of users and profile data for PeopleGoal. 

Configuring your integration is a simple, step-by-step process we've outlined below. 

The Azure Active Directory part

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Active Directory and create a new application.
Azure Active Directory >> App Registration and select New application registration

Then click on the + ADD button to add a new application.
Enter a name for the application, select Web app/API as the Application Type, and for Sign-on URL enter your application URL.

Step 2: Configure the right permissions

Select Settings and API Access >> Required Permissions and select Grant permissions

Then click on Windows Azure Active Directory on the Required Permissions table and update the permissions as per below and click save:

Step 3:  Allowing access from external organizations

The final step is to enable the Multi-Tenant flag for this application. In the Settings section, click Properties. Locate the Multi-tenanted toggle at the bottom and select Yes and click the SAVE button.

Now you all set on the Azure Active Directory side.

Step 4:  Create the key

The next step is to create a key which will be used as the Client Secret in the PeopleGoal connection. Click on Keys from the Settings menu.

Enter a name for the key and choose the desired duration.

Click on Save and the key will be displayed. Make sure to copy the value of this key before leaving this screen, otherwise you may need to create a new key. This value is used as the Client Secret in the next step.

Step 5:  Configure the reply URLs

Next you need to ensure that your PeopleGoal callback URL is listed in allowed reply URLs for the created application. Navigate to Azure Active Directory -> Apps registrations and select your app. Then click Settings -> Reply URLs and add:

https://[Your Domain].peoplegoal.com

The PeopleGoal part

Step 1: Create the AD integration in PeopleGoal
Login in your account and navigate to integrations from:
 Configure >> Account settings and Integration settings and select Configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration.

Step 2: Adding client credentials
To add the client credentials you will need: 

  • Your Client ID which can be found in register app details
  • Your secret key which you saved earlier
  • You Client App URI (Called App ID URI in Azure) and can be found in Settings >> Properties and copy App ID URI

Next click to add the API credentials.

Congratulations! You are now ready to import your Microsoft Azure AD users.

Step 3: Sync your account to import your users
Now your are ready to import your users from your Active Directory account by clicking on Sync Account and the sync process will start

Once the sync process is completed you will be able to see the number of users added and marked as deleted.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) will be the primary source of users. Every night at midnight PeopleGoal will pull your active directory users and sync profiles on PeopleGoal. New users will be ready to invite to PeopleGoal. To create a new connection with Azure AD please follow the steps below.

In some cases the integration might not work and we might have to do some troubleshooting with you. Just reach out to our Customer Success team on support@peoplegoal.com  and they will direct to the right person to resolve any issues.

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